Class Information

Class size: 20~ students

Student requirements: Grade K-12, ability to speak Chinese

Class times:

Weekdays – Evenings

Weekends – Daytimes and Evenings

Primary Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class


To contact Sunny about student enrollment, send a message below, or call her at  (408) 550-3979.

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About the Program


Sunny's Drama Workshop's objective, teaching methods, and performance goals

1.  Teaching goals:

A) Students will improve speech through: practicing lines, articulation and accurate pronunciation, mouth exercises, tongue twisters, recitation and more.

B) Students will elements of acting, such as: the mindset of an actor/actress,comical attributes,  immersion of character, and in-depth role shaping.

C) Students will also be taught to sing, dance, and other diverse ways of self-expression on the stage. This lets students master several skills at once and understand the beauty of performing. 

2. Teaching methods and objectives: students are given the freedom to find their own style and express themselves through whatever means necessary, through attention to practicality and end-result oriented rehearsals, in order for students to reach the full potential of their role onstage. 

3. Areas of performance: private and public venues, diverse literary and artistic shows, and many charity and public-service events.

About the artistic level of Sunny's Drama Workshop

Scripts: All scripts are original (written by Sunny Zhang) or adapted pieces to ensure the quality of the artistic voice present in every performance.
Delivery: Each line is thoroughly rehearsed until it reaches the high standard Sunny sets for her students. All lines display clarity, emotion, interactiveness, and the dynamics of the character.
Clothing, Props and Set: All visual elements are carefully planned and custom made to match the quality of the performance, while also reflecting environmental awareness.
Sound and Lighting: These are very important aspects of each performance, and are on-par with professional shows.